ATHENS: "I saw the fear in her eyes," says neighbour who saw the 17-year-old after the Pakistani raped her


A 17-year-old girl experienced an absolute nightmare on Wednesday because of a 42-year-old Pakistani who allegedly raped her and threatened her with a knife inside his apartment in Athens.

The attack happened shortly after 6 pm on Wednesday in the ground floor apartment on Smyrnis Street, Agios Panteleimonas.

The 17-year-old visited the foreigner, with whom she maintained a friendly relationship, and alleges that while they were talking on the couch he fell on her, put a kitchen knife to her throat and dragged her into the bedroom.

There, he raped the girl and then took pictures of his heinous acts. He then threatened his victim that if she spoke, the material in question would be leaked.

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The photos published by Proto Thema from the apartment, you can see the room in which the 17-year-old experienced moments of horror with the perpetrator, the Pakistani rapist.

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The thrown sheets and the blanket, as well as a woman's bag lying on the floor, testify to the attempt of the minor tying to escape the 42-year-old.

The girl found the courage and went to the Police Station of Agios Panteleimon to report the incident. A short time later, the police raided the foreigner's apartment and arrested him.

A tenant of the apartment building, who saw the 17-year-old coming out of the perpetrator's house, describes the terror she saw on her face.

"The girl who made the complaint, the other day asked us to open for her to go to a friend of hers. I remembered her yesterday when they came to arrest him," said a neighbour of the 42-year-old.

"At 9 o'clock in the evening, she had come with the police, probably to identify him. They broke down the door to get in. From her speech, she didn't seem Greek to me. Then I saw fear in her eyes," added the neighbour.

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