Tragic Discovery at Beach: Body of a Child Mistaken for Sea Turtle Found by Youngsters

Greek coast guard patrol boat rhodes

Locals on the island of Lefkada were shocked to discover the dismembered half body of a little child washed ashore in area near a Castle area of the Beach

A heartbreaking incident unfolded at a beach when a group of children, excitedly running towards the shore, made a devastating discovery. What they initially believed to be a sea turtle turned out to be the lifeless body of a child. The shocking incident took place in an area that prompted an immediate response from the Coast Guard and police, who have arrived to facilitate the transportation of the body for a thorough forensic examination and autopsy.

Preliminary indications suggest that the body belongs to a migrant child, possibly a victim of a shipwreck, as reported by local media outlet ilefkada. The Coast Guard of Lefkada, situated in the picturesque Ionian Sea, has initiated an investigation to shed light on the circumstances surrounding this tragic event.

Greek City Times chose not the publish the blurred out photo of the child.