Monastiraki: The Algerian arrested for trying to sexually assault a Czech tourist

Algerian Monastiraki

This is the perverted Algerian who groped and showed his genitals to a Czech tourist in Monastiraki. In fact, when the woman resisted, he unbuttoned his pants and chased her, showing her his genitals.

The attack took place at 01:15 in the morning on May 24, Proto Thema reported. The criminal is an old acquaintance of the authorities, flagged for drug cases.

The 34-year-old sexual predator from Algeria approached the 42-year-old tourist from the Czech Republic in Monastiraki Square in Athens and, speaking English, asked her for a cigarette. She said that she didn't smoke and continued on her way.

But the criminal had other plans, and a few metres down, he approaches her. Before she could react, he rushed at her. His rage was such that with quick movements he unbuttoned his pants and showed his genitals to the 42-year-old.

She shouted, causing the criminal to run.

Police officers on patrol rushed to the scene and with the help of the victim's description, they managed to locate him a few minutes later and arrest him.

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