Eleni Foureira impressed at her first concert after her pregnancy

Eleni Foureira

Eleni Foureira returned to the stage four months after the birth of her first child and was impressed at her first sold-out concert as part of the "Reborn Tour".

In the packed Katrakeio Theatre of Nicaea, the famous singer gave her best, and although she said she thought she wouldn't be moved when she entered the stage, she was moved in the end.

The famous pop star caused excitement with her songs and dance and mentioned that she had missed contact with the world a lot and thanked her for the great response and constant love.

The concert was opened by Louis Georgiou and Miltos Harovas and along with Eleni Foureira, FY, Hawk and Trannos also participate.

Similar excitement prevailed on social media, with the singer's fans uploading videos of her performance.


Η πρωτη δημοσια εμφανιση της ελενης φουρειρα μετα την γεννα #reborntour #foureira #fy #fyp

♬ original sound - iamfoureira


#reborntour #foureira #foureir

♬ original sound - iamfoureira


#reborntour #foureira #foureir #fy #new

♬ original sound - iamfoureira

The "Reborn Tour", a high standard production of Panik Live will continue in stadiums and large theaters in Greece and abroad.

Joining her on the tour is FY, one of the most successful artists of the rap/trap scene, who blew the audience away with his hit singles and his signature style.

Special guests at the Katrakeio theater were Trannos and Hawk, with whom Eleni Foureira has collaborated in highly successful duets, who gave their unique tone to the evening, both solo and together with Eleni Foureira.

Opening acts were Miltos Harovas and Louis Georgiou, while DJ Bobito was on the decks.

In the coming months, Eleni Foureira will stir up many regions of Greece with the "Reborn Tour", but also countries such as Spain and the Netherlands. At her concerts throughout Greece, FY will be with her, while at some of them there will be surprise guests.

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