Demis Nikolaidis responds for the first time to the publication about his partner's pregnancy

Demis Nikolaidis

Demis Nikolaidis, shortly after the revelation about his new partner Alexandra Nikolaidou occupied the media with the developments in his personal life, but also what was written about his new relationship.

The veteran footballer wanted to set things straight by speaking on the air of bwinSPORT FM 94.6 and his "Fair Play" show.

He categorically denied the scenarios circulating about his personal life and stated that he was disturbed by what was being written.

Demis Nikolaidis referred to the publication of the magazine "yes" which wrote that he is expecting a child with his new partner.

In fact, he said that in the past he had taken legal action against magazines that wrote lies, as a result of which the magazines were closed and the money he had received as compensation went to institutions for children.

Responding to the current publication, he said: "There are some sensitive issues that we don't touch. It is a magazine that they sit down, imagine and write. They are deliberately fooling the world. And write that he is with this girl. Why is he doing that? Because we have not taken legal action.

"The bad thing is how many sites write it without having searched. Let them be careful, let them write their... nonsense, but let them be about less sensitive issues," said the veteran footballer.

Listen to everything Demis Nikolaidis had to say:

Let's remember that the new relationship of Demis Nikolaidis was revealed when he and the impressive Alexandra were at the New Philadelphia stadium to win the AEK championship with the camera capturing them together for the first time.

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