Turkey is exporting the ZY Electric Tractor to Greece

ZY Electric Tractor Turkey

Turkey is trying to enter the elite of countries producing heavy vehicles and weapons systems, and this plan includes ZY Electric Tractor.

Turkey is trying to save itself financially by producing its own cars, trains, weapon systems, and even tractors. But not a simple tractor because ZY Electric Tractor is the first Turkish electric tractor.

It is a zero-emissions vehicle, which has been developed jointly with Ziraat Bank, and the start of its mass production is scheduled for next June.

According to the company, the demand for the electric tractor is already high. 40 vehicles have already been produced, which are off the assembly line. It is noted that the start of the production of the tractor was planned for earlier but was postponed after the pandemic changed the plans.

As the head of the company emphasised, the vehicle will be produced in three types of size and power: A small size intended for gardening work, a medium size and a large size.

ZY Electric Tractor

The smallest will produce up to 140 hp, while a full charge will take 20 minutes, providing 5 hours of autonomy. The medium version will have electric motors of 105 hp, with the combined power corresponding to 220 PS, while the autonomy will reach 7 hours.

Regarding the larger version, the total power will be recorded at 320 hp, while with a 90-minute charge it will enjoy 7 hours of autonomy.

The common denominator of all three versions is that they do not produce pollutants, while they are completely silent, which is very important in animal husbandry and especially in milk production farms.

The company's current production capacity is 1,050 units per year, a number it aims to increase to 10,000.

ZY Electric Tractor Turkey

This particular tractor also meets the strict specifications set by the EU, which means that it will be able to have the same commercial course in Europe as well.

In Greece, at least two companies have already contacted the Turkish company to undertake the import of the electric tractor, which will also be available at a good price...

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