Volos: Man masturbated on a bus in front of a woman


A 38-year-old man riding on an intercity KTEL bus that ran from Sourpi to Volos on Saturday night began to masturbate in front of a 26-year-old woman, ignoring all those who saw him!

The unprecedented incident initially started with the deviant fondling his pants in front of the other passengers. Still, it seems that he could not find enough satisfaction and did not hesitate to remove his pants and masturbate while looking at the stunned young woman!

The 26-year-old woman informed the bus driver, who called the police. When the bus arrived at the station of Volos, police officers from the DIAS Team were waiting and arrested the 38-year-old.

He was taken to the Almyros police station, and a case against him for sexual indecency was filed and was referred to the Volos First Instance Prosecutor.

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