Iconic Singer and Actor Yiannis Floriniotis Passes Away at 76 After a Battle with Pulmonary Emphysema

Iconic Singer and Actor Yiannis Floriniotis Passes Away at 76 After Battle with Pulmonary Emphysema

Renowned singer and actor Yiannis Floriniotis, aged 76, sadly breathed his last at Sotiria Hospital, where he had been receiving treatment for pulmonary emphysema.

Yiannis Floriniotis had been under medical care at Sotiria Hospital for approximately a week due to his severe pulmonary emphysema, and his passing occurred due to cardiac arrest.

Born on February 15, 1947, Yiannis Floriniotis embarked on his musical journey at the tender age of 14. He spent time in Thessaloniki, performing alongside esteemed rebetiko musicians such as Markos Vamvakaris, Yiannis Papaioannou, Giorgos Lafkas, Prodromos Tsaousakis, Theodoros Polykandriotis, and Rita Sakellariou.

In 1970-71, he made his first foray into Athens, where he captivated audiences with his singing, dancing, and eccentric style. He garnered immense success wherever he appeared, although he also faced harsh criticism. Making his debut in the world of music recordings, his album "Now I Want Now" swiftly achieved gold status.

One of his enduring hits, "It Matters That I Am Also a Big Brand," cemented his widespread recognition and stayed with him until the end of his illustrious career. Furthermore, he ventured into acting, leaving behind a notable body of work in various video productions throughout the 1980s.


Kaiti Garbi Fondly Remembers Giannis Floriniotis as a Mentor

The news of Giannis Floriniotis' passing struck a chord with Kaiti Garbi, who shared heartfelt memories of the late singer's influence on her and her sister. Garbi's sister provided the vocals for Floriniotis' hit song "It's Okay That I'm a Big Brand," a collaboration that held a special place in their hearts.

Expressing her sorrow, Kaiti Garbi reminisced, "I was deeply saddened to hear about the loss of my beloved Giannis Floriniotis. Giannis was a teacher in my life and my sister's. He was a remarkable artist, brimming with passion for his craft, tirelessly pushing boundaries, a true trailblazer ahead of his time, and possessed a gentle and kind-hearted nature."

Garbi extended her condolences to Floriniotis' entire family, recognizing his profound impact on their lives. She concluded her tribute by affirming, "My dear John, you were, are, and will forever remain a significant presence—a big brand. And no, it truly doesn't matter."

In these heartfelt words, Kaiti Garbi paid tribute to the immense talent and enduring legacy of Giannis Floriniotis while cherishing the memories of their artistic collaboration and the mentorship she and her sister received from him.

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