'The World is Our Playground' book promotes Australia's ethnic diversity, including Greek, Indian and Vietnamese


Jamel Kaur Singh has spent around 25 years educating others about cultural well-being in Australia, and in speaking to SBS Punjabi, the cultural advocate says she created 'The World is Our Playground' book series to create awareness of what culture means among young students.

"Two books of Nanak and Tara's Vietnam and France adventures have already been published in the series, while their Philippines and Greece adventures are set to be released next," she says.

Nanak and Tara are Melbourne siblings from the Sikh faith who, in the first book, go on a trip to Vietnam to discover the country's language, food, people, culture and traditions.

The books, which feature full-page coloured illustrations, aim to "knock down cultural cringe where people are left ashamed and denying their cultural heritage," she says.

Written by Ms Singh, illustrated by Ronald Santos and edited by Johanna Marie Ferrer, the travel book series is designed for five to seven-year-olds and their teachers.

"In the second book, the duo travel to France to eat croissants and escargot, meet local kids Emma and Gabriel, tour the Louvre Museum and Disneyland, and attend the Bastille Day parade.

"Their journey continues to explore the differences and similarities between people," she explains.

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