Ana De Armas cruises Greece on a superyacht donning £500 Louis Vuitton shades

Ana De Armas in Greece 2023

Bond girl Ana De Armas showed off snaps from her sun-soaked Greek vacation on Instagram.

The 35-year-old cruised the Greek waters onboard a swanky Louis Vuitton superyacht, with the brand ambassador wearing £500 shades as she enjoyed the spectacular views from the million-pound vessel.

Completing the ensemble with a simple white T-shirt, Ana accentuated her natural beauty with a light dusting of make-up and wore her dark tresses loose.

After making the most of the ship's luxurious amenities, where she was joined by stylist and pal Samantha McMillen, the Blonde star headed ashore to view the picturesque sunset.

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It comes after the stunner recently reflected on her Saturday Night Live hosting debut as she appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,

The Cuban actress charmed viewers with her opening monologue in April as she joked about learning English watching Friends and shared an amusing anecdote about Robert De Niro.

However, the episode as a whole fell flat, with reviewers labelling the show 'subpar' and 'boring'.

Despite the negative reviews, Ana revealed that she was desperate to return to the show, despite being 'terrified' at the prospect of hosting.

Ana confessed: 'I was freaking out! Like there's no way I can get through this week and no one can prepare you for that - whatever they say.'

She continued: 'There's so much going on you know and coming at you and it's terrifying but you have to just make fun of yourself and go with it.

'And then on Saturday I was begging them to bring me back - please have me again! It's incredible, the best experience ever.'

Ana's SNL debut received a lukewarm reviews from critics.

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The Guardian's Zach Vasquez labelled the episode 'subpar', noting: 'While not among the very worst episodes of the season, this one did not have much to redeem it. There were no standout sketches and the only time it achieved any sustained laughter was during Sherman’s short Weekend Update segment.

'De Armas was fine for the most part, although between this and the previews for her upcoming movie Ghosted, it doesn’t really seem as though comedy is her forte. Either way, the show didn’t give her much to work with. Nor us, for that matter.'

Paste Magazine's Dennis Perkins said he was 'bored' watching the show, writing: 'I’m not laying this all on de Armas—this was easily the worst episode of Season 48 of Saturday Night Live, a collection of half-written sketches, deeply unnecessary recurring bits, and an overall chore to sit through.

'It didn’t even have the benefit of being a train wreck to gawk at in guilty fascination. I was mostly just bored.'

Meanwhile Entertainment Tonight's Andy Hoglund claimed Ana's monologue was 'Understandably clumsy and brief.'

Trae DeLellis from AV Club was complimentary of her efforts, however, writing that: 'Adding sketch comedy to her resume, de Armas proves an agile first-time host.'

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Despite the lackluster reviews to SNL, Ana had a dream come true on Tuesday when it was revealed that she had her own ice cream flavour.

She was surprised when Jimmy, 48, brought out some of his own Ben & Jerry's ice cream and offered some to Ana to celebrate her 'big year' that included an Oscar nomination.

'Listen, if you give me ice cream every time I come here,' Ana said laughing while looking lovely in a black vest and matching trousers.

'I will, but I'm gonna do one better,' Jimmy said.

He then noted that Ana said she would add 'condensed milk' if she could change the flavor of The Tonight Dough.

Ben and Jerry were then shown in a video clip and announced they had come up with a one-day only, one-time only surprise and asked Jimmy to share it with Ana.

'Since it was a dream of yours to have your own flavor, we'd like to make dreams come true. Here's your special one-time only Ana de Armas Leche,' Jimmy said.

'Oh, my gosh!,' Ana exclaimed.

Jimmy then showed her the condensed milk in the middle and revealed that the studio audience also was receiving the ice cream.

'This is too much,' Ana said.

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