Nikos Oikonomopoulos wows fans in Oakleigh Melbourne Australia

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Ahead of his much-anticipated Melbourne concerts, highly acclaimed Greek vocalist and superstar Nikos Oikonomopoulos, visited Oakleigh to connect with his faith and meet his enthusiastic fan base at the Saints Anargiri Parish and at Oakleigh Grammar.

Nikos has released many successful albums over the years with songs that have skyrocketed to the top of the charts.

Known for his strong religious convictions, Nikos emphasised the importance of faith amidst his demanding touring schedule, visiting Saints Anargiri Parish and meeting with Father Stavros, Oakleigh Grammar Board members and student leaders.

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Father Stavros, Oakleigh Grammar Board members and student leaders

Nikos extended his personal connection to the community by visiting Oakleigh Grammar, where he encountered enthusiastic staff and students vying for autographs and presenting heartfelt gifts. His genuine compassion and warm interaction with the students and staff left an indelible mark. He implored students to embrace their Greek heritage, faith and language and to embrace who they are by being their authentic selves.

“We wish Nikos all the very best with his remaining world tour and thank him for taking time out of his busy schedule to visit our School. It’s not every day that we have such a huge pop star on campus, and Nikos has a very strong fan-base here – it was clearly evident just how much our students appreciated the chance to meet him,” commented Mark Robertson, Principal of Oakleigh Grammar.

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Oakleigh Grammar offers excellence in coeducational learning from ELC through to Year 12

Oakleigh Grammar offers excellence in coeducational learning from ELC through to Year 12. We are dedicated to building resilient lifelong learners and responsible global citizens by empowering young minds and putting students at the centre of all we do. We ensure each child is nurtured and cared for at a personal level, by exceptional educators who are dedicated to their students and their profession. Founded in Orthodox Christian values and Hellenic traditions, Oakleigh Grammar boasts a multicultural environment where a zest for life is encouraged, good citizenship is celebrated, and academic scholarship is our mainstay.

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