Mykonos Beach Club, Principote, Faces Suspension as Illegal Constructions Exposed

Footage from local Mykonos Live TV shows crews working to dismantle illegal structures in Panormos in the popular island resort.

In a dramatic turn of events, the renowned Principote beach club on the captivating island of Mykonos has been forced to halt its operations. The decision was reached unanimously during an extraordinary meeting of the Municipality of Mykonos' Quality of Life Committee, held on Wednesday afternoon.

Simultaneously, the island braces for impending demolitions as per the previously established protocols.

The catalyst for Principote's operating license revocation came from the Environment Ministry, which urgently communicated its request to the municipality and the South Aegean Regional Authority on Tuesday. This followed the decision of the Council for Urban Planning Issues and Disputes of the Ministry of Environment and Energy (KESYPOTHA), which finalized the comprehensive report of the environmental inspectors, documenting the presence of approximately 40,000 square meters of unauthorized constructions.

Furthermore, it came to light that Principote had obtained a catering license from the Regional Tourism Service of the Cyclades, a division under the purview of the Tourism Ministry. Reports indicate that a request has been made to suspend this license as well.

Mayor Konstantinos Koukas of Mykonos expressed concern over the overlapping responsibilities and lack of communication between authorities: "We have experienced cases in the past where the municipality denied a license, only for the business to acquire one from the Regional Tourism Service of the Cyclades. There is a clear overlap in responsibilities and a lack of coordination."

In response, the company behind Principote intends to promptly appeal the decision, aiming to halt the process through legal means.

"We firmly believe that the decision is unlawful, as it disregards our arguments and distorts the law," stated Michael Farantos, the company's lawyer, in an interview with the Greek edition of Kathimerini. "We will exhaust all legal avenues to prevent the suspension of Principote's operations. At stake are the livelihoods of 700 individuals who face the risk of unemployment."

The future of Principote hangs in the balance as legal battles loom, posing a significant challenge for the popular beach club and its dedicated workforce.

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