Greek Coastguard Faces Criticism for Alleged Delayed Response in Migrant Boat Disaster

Shipwreck Migrants

Survivors of a tragic incident involving a sinking boat carrying numerous migrants have accused the Greek coastguard of delayed response and passive observation during the unfolding horror. They claim that it took the coastguard approximately three hours to react to their distress call.

These allegations contradict statements made by Greek officials, who asserted that the coastguard received no requests for assistance from the passengers.

The Greek authorities reported the recovery of at least 75 bodies following the capsizing of a dilapidated trawler in the deepest part of the Mediterranean, near the Peloponnese peninsula.

No additional bodies have been found since the incident. Most of the 104 survivors were adult males from Syria, Egypt, and Pakistan. Sadly, an estimated 500 individuals remain missing and are presumed to have perished.

Disturbingly, survivors have disclosed that approximately 100 children were aboard the ship before it sank.

As the rescue operation concludes, concerns are emerging regarding the Greek coastguard's response during critical moments of distress. The same survivors spoke out to media outlets such as La Republica and The Guardian, asserting that the coastguard's delayed rescue efforts were responsible for the boat capsizing.

According to their accounts, the coastguard reportedly towed the overloaded boat toward the shore after they threw a line at it. Subsequently, the coastguard allegedly replaced the rope upon the survivors' claims that the original one had broken. The boat then started moving forward before abruptly changing direction, leading to its tragic overturning.

A Greek navy frigate, with four other vessels and two aircraft, continued to search the area on Monday and recovered two more bodies, raising the confirmed toll to 80.

Nikos Alexiou, a spokesperson for the Greek coastguard, vehemently denied these allegations, stating that the coastguard never engaged in any actions that would have endangered the lives of those on board the boat.

In a separate incident on Monday, Greece’s coastguard said 68 people had been rescued in the eastern Aegean Sea after the yacht they were on sent a distress signal off the coast of the island of Leros.

Another 40 migrants were rescued from a yacht in distress north west of Lesbos.


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