Tragedy Deepens as Another Migrant's Body Recovered, Raising Death Toll to 82

CoastGuard Greek

In a heartbreaking development, the Hellenic Coast Guard retrieved the body of a migrant on Tuesday in close proximity to the shipwreck site where hundreds of migrants lost their lives on June 14. This grim discovery further increased the death toll from 78 to 82, underscoring the magnitude of the recent maritime disaster.

Prior to this, three additional bodies were recovered on Monday, initially bringing the death toll from 78 to 81. These fatalities were a result of a fishing boat capsizing in international waters off Pylos, southwest Greece. The incident unfolded as a tragic episode in the perilous journey undertaken by migrants seeking refuge and a better life.

Following the recovery of the latest body, it was promptly transported to the port city of Kalamata. This city served as a critical hub where the 104 survivors received urgent humanitarian aid and medical assistance.

Efforts to locate additional bodies continued unabated on Tuesday, with a navy frigate and four other ships tirelessly conducting search operations. These vessels were supported by the unwavering commitment of a coast guard vessel, collectively working to ensure that no life is left unaccounted for in the aftermath of the tragic shipwreck.

Disturbing media reports have suggested that the overcrowded boat may have been carrying up to 700 people, with allegations that women and children were confined to the hold.


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