Greece ranks 7th in EU funding via 'Horizon Europe' program

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Greece ranks 7th among the European Union's 27 member states in approved projects and funding for the "Horizon Europe" program in research and innovation over 2021-2022, the National Documentation Center said on Thursday.

Greece accounted for 829 projects or 16.5% of all EU states' projects and for approved funding of 644.72 million euros, or 4.5% of all EU projects.

Germany, Spain, Italy, France, the Netherlands, and Belgium each had a greater share in several approved projects and in funding than Greece over the two years, the Center said.

Over the first two-year cycle of "Horizon Europe" (2021-2022), project proposals were submitted by businesses, universities, research centers, and other public agencies of Greece, as well as by nonprofits.

A total of 505 unique Greek entities and 1,716 participants from all 13 regions of Greece were involved in the projects. The greatest number of participants and the greatest share of funding were found in the sectors of "Digital technologies, Industry, and Space" and "Climate, Energy, and Mobility".

In addition, Greek entities formed alliances with entities in another 92 countries.

The Centre said that in the ranking based on a coordination role, Greece was 8th among the EU-27, with 204 such projects (4.2% of all EU-27 projects).

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