Porsche copied the Greek Chaos Ultracar!

Chaos Ultracar Porsche

Spyros Panopoulos, the brains behind the Greek "ultracar" Chaos, which according to him, is in progress, says that there seems to be an uncanny resemblance between his car and the Porsche Mission X Concept, and even made suggestions that there is blatant plagiarism.

The prototype that prefaces the future turbo car of the German company and found that the Germans were inspired - it may be a sic expression they copied him - from his plans that he has filed since 2018.

Porsche Mission X Concept
The Porsche Mission X Concept.
Chaos Ultracar Porsche
The Chaos Ultracar .

His post on Facebook:

"It is with great pleasure that I see confirmation that we were and are on the right track in the implementation of our Greek ultracar Chaos, plans that I created in 2018 and which we have submitted to Euipo, I see that they inspire large manufacturers around us from time to time in a small or large percentage.

"One of them is the new project of @porsche #porschemissionx that was presented a few days ago.

"In short, the way the air comes out of the front fenders, the rear with the diffuser, the design of the diffuser, the rear fenders the design that meets the diffuser, the position of the taillights, the angle of the front windshield in relation to the roof and wings are among the most important points and they look quite similar to me.

"Inside the chassis-integrated seats, most of their design, most of the steering wheel and the overall set-up also look pretty good to me. Let's wish them the best of luck.

"I hope to finish it soon so that we too can show our potential. In the time since our plans were leaked, I've made sure to update quite a few pieces of it now.

"Thank you for your persistence and patience, the result will reward us.”

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