Naked cyclists appeared on the streets of Thessaloniki


Clad in nothing but paint on their bodies, or partially clothed, individuals took to the streets, passionately chanting slogans advocating for the freedom to use bicycles in urban transportation. This marked the commencement of the 16th public march by cyclists.

The initial congregation of cyclists took place on the grounds of the Philosophical University of ΑΠΘ, before embarking on a journey through the streets of Greece's northern capital. By navigating the city center, fervent cycling enthusiasts conveyed a powerful message to society: the liberation of bicycles, the preservation of the environment, and the emancipation of the body, its customs, and self-expression. The International Naked Cycling movement, a non-centralized and self-organized cause, boasts a global participation of over 70 cities. In Greece, Thessaloniki has been hosting this event since 2008. As the event unfolds, participants revel in lively music and merry celebrations


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