What horsepower and top speed do Greek tanks have?


Military vehicles, especially tanks, are the ones that first appear on the battlefield. In the war in Ukraine, thousands of tanks from both sides cover thousands of kilometres, transporting personnel and destroying targets.

Although their abilities are terrifying, these vehicles appear vulnerable to modern media, especially to drones.

Greece has in its arsenal various tanks such as the German Leopard which we have all, more or less, seen up close in parades. Our country has a total of 353 such tanks, of which 183 belong to the Leopard 2 A4 and 170 to the advanced 2 HEL.

The weight of 2 A4 exceeds 55 tons. Nevertheless, it has the ability to move quickly not just on the road or dirt but in obstacles such as water, ditch, etc.

This specific one is equipped with a diesel engine that produces 1,500 horsepower and has the ability to move at a maximum speed of at least 70 km/h. Technical characteristics impressive as well as fuel consumption as with 1,000 litres it can cover distances from 220 to 350 kilometres.

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