A 53-Year-Old Woman Arrested for Fraud: Impersonating Lawyer and Accountant, Exploiting Migrants and Businesses

greek police car

A 53-year-old woman who posed as a lawyer or accountant, leveraging her alleged connections in the civil service, has been apprehended under a pending arrest warrant. On Monday, authorities tracked her down in Athens, and she is now slated to serve an eight-year prison sentence.

A court previously convicted the woman for perpetrating multiple counts of fraud. Her modus operandi involved deceiving migrants and businesses by promising assistance in obtaining travel documents or resolving debts with the state. In exchange for a fee, she claimed to utilize her purported civil service contacts to facilitate the processes.

Furthermore, the fraudster resorted to intimidation tactics, threatening physical violence against victims who demanded refunds for never rendered services.

This arrest signifies a significant step towards justice for those affected by the woman's fraudulent activities.

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