Chocolate manufacturer Ion has a new owner!

Greece’s favourite ION chocolate

Bespoke SGA Holdings SA, owned by entrepreneur Spiros Theodoropoulos, has acquired a majority stake in the chocolate manufacturer Ion, in accordance with an initial agreement between the two sides, according to a company announcement on Thursday.

Following the transaction, Bespoke SGA Holdings SA now owns 60 pct of the historic chocolate-making brand, including the right to run its management.

Commenting on the acquisition of an additional share in Ion, Theodoropoulos said: "I feel especially joyful over our participation in the emblematic chocolate industry Ion and at the same time have a sense of responsibility toward the old shareholders and consumers for the unobstructed growth of Ion based on innovation and maintaining high quality in the products."

A joint statement by Ion shareholders said a common goal was further growth and to make Ion an important regional actor in the sector.

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