Athens: Top 5 Bars and Cafes in Petralona

Upupa Epops Petralona Athens

Petralona, located between historic Thiseio and trendy Koukaki of Athens, was once a working-class residential district but is now more popular than ever, reflected in the new bars and eateries that have established themselves.

Travel have compiled their five best Bars and Cafes in Petralona.


Line, Petralona

A new addition to Kato Petralona and the latest offering from the team behind The Clumsies, voted in the top 50 of best bars in the world, and the Three Cents soda brand, Line is an all-day spot that combines elements of a wine bar, a café and a restaurant.

A handsome green front door opens into a minimalist industrial space that used to be an art gallery, leading on to a pretty tree-lined yard. Keen on experimentation and sustainability, there are open workshops where vermouths, bitters and other mixers are created with unusual ingredients.

The beer offerings are from on-site microbreweries, the terrific breads are baked in-house, while wines are from small producers or fruit wines from apples, figs, or pomegranates brewed on the spot.

A menu overseen by Michelin starred chef Pavlos Kyriakis is short and designed to pair with the inventive and unusual cocktails made from their homemade ferments.

Bold, daring, and a little off outré, a new chapter in Athens gastronomic scene is being written here, sure to be included on that 50 World Best Bar List soon too.

Address: Line, Agathodemonos 37, 11853, Tel.:21175 07185,

Upupa Epops

Upupa Epops Petralona

With a name that looks like it should be an anagram for something, it is actually the Latin name for the Hoopoe bird whose striking black, white and pink plumage is reflected in the quirky décor of the bar.

Three former houses form a delightful airy courtyard where the distressed walls contrast with bright postmodern colours.

A great spot for brunch with comforting classics such as Eggs Benedict, Croque Madame, pastrami sandwiches and pancakes, the space heats up at night with creative cocktails put together by co-owner and Athens bar aristocracy, Marfi Bali.

Herbs from the countryside, local spirits, handmade sodas, shrubs and syrups are alchemically blended to update classic drinks with Greek flavours and modern twists, an ideal companion to the DJ sets that play an eclectic soundtrack a world away from Greek pop.

Address: Epupa Epops, Alkminis 7, 11854, Tel.: 21210 55214,

Σπιρτοκουτο (Spirtokouto)

Σπιρτοκουτο (Spirtokouto)

The name means matchbox, a nod to its diminutive size but great things come in small packages here. A short walk from Kerameikos metro but a giant leap from the commercial bars in Gazi, Spirtokouto is a gloriously off-beat space in Kato Petralona.

The interior is a homage to the 1980’s and 1990’s with cassette tapes on the walls, Star Wars wallpaper and pop culture references everywhere.

Fun, irreverent and with its tongue firmly in its cheek, Spirtokouto is the best kind of neighbourhood bar; a great coffee shop during the day with pizzas and sandwiches, at night it lets its hair down as the young crowd spill out onto the pavement, enjoying the punky energy and well priced drinks.

Address: Spirtokouto, Kiriadon 15, 11854, Tel.: 21034 62689,


Klouvi, Petralona

With a 1970’s vibe in the décor, Klouvi was one of the cooler new bars to open up as Petralona enjoys its time in the spotlight. Klouvi means cage but nobody would ever feel imprisoned here with large front windows that open up to let the street in.

Crafty cocktails are the deal here with exotic mixes like cheesecake, bumble, and spicy daquiri. It can get busy here, especially at weekends, as diners from local taverns come for a nightcap and stay until the small hours.

There is a small food menu with tasty Asian bites supplied by Blue Bamboo, the Thai restaurant opposite.

Address: Klouvi, Dimofontos 57, 11851, Tel.: 21034 79998,

Alice Cakewitch

Alice Cakewitch

A magical fantasy for cake lovers, Alice Cakewitch offers fresh and imaginative sweets like no other. A technicolour riot of bright shades, the variety is dazzling; crisp doughnuts, velvet layered cakes, buttery croissants, towers of profiteroles and cupcakes, ice creams and pastries galore.

The lovechild of four brothers, everything is handmade with a fanatical attention to detail and a policy to only use the freshest and purest raw ingredients.

Cakes are made to order for celebrations such as birthdays and weddings, while alongside the sweet offerings are a great savoury selection of freshly-cooked brunch dishes and good coffee.

Address: Alice Cakewitch, Ious 42, 11853, Tel.: 21034 64353.

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