Aegean Airlines A320 enroute to Barcelona declares emergency

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Aegean flight A3560 Thessaloniki – Barcelona
Aegean Airlines flight A3560, an Airbus A320-200 operating from Thessaloniki (SKG) to Barcelona (BCN) has declared a general emergency, squawking 7700 as it passed over Italy whilst enroute to Spain.

Only a few minutes ago Aegean tweeted in Greek.

Καλησπέρα. Στην πτήση Α3 560 υπήρξε ένδειξη σταδιακής αποσυμπίεσης στην καμπίνα του αεροσκάφους. Ο κυβερνήτης, όπως προβλέπουν οι διαδικασίες, ζήτησε άδεια αναγκαστικής προσγείωσης στο πλησιέστερο αεροδρόμιο της Νάπολης

Translated to English.

Good Evening. On flight A3 560 there was an indication of gradual decompression in the aircraft cabin. The captain, as per procedures, requested permission to make an emergency landing at the nearest airport in Naples


All passengers disembarked safely and another aircraft has already taken off for the passengers to continue their journey to their final destination.


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