Cyprus: Pakistanis and other Muslims with the Qu'ran in hand - "Allahu Ackbar" – Watch video


The Mayor of a city in Cyprus expressed concern about gathering many foreign Muslims, mostly Pakistanis, in his city.

With a post on Facebook, Paphos Mayor Phedon Phedonos called on the government to think and take measures, presenting a video of a march of young Muslims who shout slogans while holding the Qu'ran in their hands.

The event was held as a sign of condemnation of the incident in Sweden with the burning of the holy book of Muslims

"The march of young Muslims today in the tourist area of ​​Paphos with the Qu'ran in hand with obvious religious fanaticism should concern the government and our State and, in general, everyone for the actions that must be taken immediately. History does not forgive mistakes and omissions," he wrote on Facebook.

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