You will not believe the price of pasta in Mykonos!

pasta mykonos

A bit of sauce, some pasta, a protein, quite cost-efficient right? Right... Well, unless you're in Mykonos.

We have spoken several times about the expensive conditions prevailing in Mykonos. Of course, many tourists who arrive on the island seem unprepared for what they will eventually face, so not to waste money (which they don't have), they sit in the alleys and take pictures for Instagram.

The truth is that everyone wants to be on the Cycladic island. With the prices prevailing at this time in hotels or shops, few can do it.

A typical example is the video of a tourist on TikTok, who wrote that her pasta at a well-known beach bar on the "Island of the Winds" cost 44 euros!


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In another tourist's video, we now saw that a whole group has gathered at another beach bar and is sharing pasta dishes (which are also the cheapest on the menu), resulting in only one (!) macaroni reaching his plate.


The few noodles were good tho! #mykonos #eurosummer #greekfood #fail #expectationvreality

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"Whoever wants to eat should go to Crete" and "there are good pizzerias in Corinth anyway" are just some of the dozens of comments found under these videos.

And the summer season still has a long way to go!

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