Kos: "I hate Anastazja's killer. I hope they torture him in prison for the rest of his life," says her partner


While the 32-year-old Bangladeshi, the man accused in the murder of Polish woman Anastazja Rubińska in Kos, continues to deny killing the 27-year-old, her partner broke his silence and talked about the acquaintance the alleged perpetrator had with the deceased girl.

28-year-old Michal described to Proto Thema the circumstances under which Anastazja met the accused on the evening of June 12 and revealed his last dialogue with her before she disappeared.

“She had burned her hand at work and was very upset about it. She had eaten very little that day and thought alcohol and marijuana would ease her pain. She didn't know the killer beforehand. No one knew him, not me or anyone else from her work.

"She probably thought about buying the marijuana from him. After the alcohol she drank she didn't realise the danger she was in," said the 28-year-old Pole who believes that the only reason Anastazja met her alleged killer was to buy drugs.

On the fateful night, Michal was working, with the result that the young Pole was left alone in the room.

When he finished his shift he went to the bar where they had arranged a date but he didn't find her there.

Earlier, Anastazja had sent him the location where she was. Then, however, she sent him three different spots and that's how he realised that something bad was happening to his girlfriend.

"I didn't know she was somewhere with someone having drinks because I was at work at the time. She didn't tell me she was in danger, she told me she was fine and then she would come to me. We had arranged to meet at a bar in the centre of Marmaris but she never came there.

"She sent me her location but then the stigma changed. She sent me three, different locations. I was worried because she always answers the phone. Then I notified her mother and the police," he explained.

At the same time, he also revealed the last messages he exchanged with Anastazja before turning off her mobile phone.

Michal tried until the last moment to dissuade her from following the unknown foreigner.

"In the last message she sent me before turning off her cell phone, she wrote to me that someone was going to take her with his motorcycle. I told her 'no, don't do it'. I was afraid for her. Anastazja tried to resist the rape and finally the worst happened."

The 28-year-old cannot believe that a person with a criminal past was walking freely in a tourist place like Kos, while he considers it unacceptable to criticise the victim for choosing to trust the 32-year-old.

"Anastazja's killer has been in trouble with the law in the past, but still spent several years in Greece possibly watching rape movies and taking advantage of social services," said the young Pole.

"We live in times where a person in a place considered a tourist destination can become a victim if they consume too much alcohol. We know that we have to be careful and not trust everyone, but it is not fair to transfer the responsibility from the killer to the victim."

Finally, Michal also expresses his hatred for the alleged murderer of Anastazja and hopes to be punished by the unwritten "law" of prisons.

“I hate Anastazjas killer. I hope they torture him in prison for the rest of his life," he concluded.

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