Baraa Abdulla: His Journey Into The Realm Of Comedy

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A devoted full-time father and actor who skillfully balances his various roles while pursuing his professional ambitions,  Baraa Abdulla has the privilege of being a Business News Co-Anchor at Bahrain TV, captivating viewers with his insightful updates on the dynamic world of business.

Baraa's foray into the realm of comedy began in 2008 when he took the stage as an opening act for the renowned 'Axis of Evil' comedy show. Since then, he has immersed himself in the media scene, utilizing his comedic talents to entertain audiences and create moments of shared laughter. Moreover, he has had the pleasure of serving as a Master of Ceremonies for a multitude of events sponsored by esteemed organisations such as Redbull, PUMA, IGN, Mercedes, Batelco, Aramco, and many more.

Each day, Baraa is fuelled by the drive to excel both personally and professionally, continuously honing his skills as a father, training technician, business news co-anchor, and comedian. The diverse experiences and opportunities he has encountered along his journey have shaped him into the versatile individual he is today. With enthusiasm and optimism, he eagerly embraces future endeavours, aiming to make a positive impact on the lives of those around him.

Interestingly, Baraa currently also serves as a Training Technician at the esteemed Supreme Council for Environment, where he actively contributes to environmental awareness and preservation efforts.

An ardent advocate of artistic expression, Baraa Abdulla, showcased his unwavering support for Greek artists recently by hosting the curator of the Greek Art Exhibition on his esteemed television show. Through this platform, he amplified the voices of these talented individuals and celebrated their exquisite artwork, fostering cultural exchange and appreciation between Bahrain and Greece.

There will be more future projects with Greeks and Greek communities around the world. GCT will be there to publish the news of the projects.

Can you tell us about your journey from business administration and management to becoming a TV presenter and comedian?

Well, it all came together, I started as Emcee for an event for the Japanese Embassy and then the rest was history, started to push myself to hold the mic in different events until I received an opportunity from my brother-in-law, who sent my papers to Bahrain TV, to become a news reader, presenter, producer. Now, I still host events around the Middle East and the world.

How did you manage to balance your role as a full-time father with your demanding career in the media industry?

Not easy at all, at some point you will have to set goals and priorities and you might have to know when to stop before it’s too late.

Does family play an important role in your decisions?

I have to decide between time, money, and achievements, in the sense of how much money I should make, keeping up with changes and skills, setting the goals of what achievements I want to achieve, and sometimes I need to force the time to spend it with my family. Especially when things are rolling in the media scene, things can surely eat up time with all the excitement that takes place.

Could you share some memorable experiences from your time as a training technician for the Supreme Council for Environment?

Well, my best times there are when I get to get interns from universities and see them train at the council and see them grow and develop to the point that some of them ended up working in the facility. Another favourite moment was when I worked in pushing some of the employees to train abroad and see them coming back stronger, those were the employees who went to Korea, Amsterdam and Singapore.

What inspired you to pursue stand-up comedy, and how did it feel to perform as the opening act for the 'Axis of Evil' comedy show?

I never saw myself as funny, it was just a 'try out' to perform on stage honestly, an opportunity to hold a mic in front of the stage, but when people were laughing with me and not at me, I was like "Really? Ok, there might be something there."

As a business news co-anchor, how do you stay updated on the latest developments in the business world, and what are some of the challenges you face in delivering accurate and engaging news to your audience?

Simply by dedicating time to read every day and ensuring I read from credible sources. As for the challenges, it was mostly the time you have to edit and produce the news because I wasn’t only the reader, I was the editor as well. 

What has been the most exciting event or project you have hosted or MC'd for, and why was it memorable?

They are so many, not fair to ask me that, because I still continue to host new favs, but I would say the most memorable one was when I hosted my first event out of the Middle East, it was in the Maldives, my first ever Esports event.

Can you share any tips or strategies for engaging and entertaining a diverse audience at events sponsored by renowned companies like Redbull, PUMA, IGN, Mercedes, Batelco, and Aramco?

Well, in simple words, treat the audience as your friends and loved ones, be excited to have fun with them, try not to think that you are serving but you are there to enjoy your time with them.

In your experience, what are some of the key skills and qualities required to succeed as a TV presenter and MC?

Voice, body language, charisma, the flow of your words, a bit of acting, and improvisation is a great skill to have.

How do you mentally and emotionally prepare yourself before performing for stand-up comedy or hosting an event?

Rehearse your stuff over and over, drink the right stuff, keep your food light, work out some basic body exercises if you can, do vocal warm-ups, and GO!

What advice would you give to aspiring TV presenters or comedians who are just starting their careers in the media industry?

Fail your way to success and make as many mistakes as you can, work on your voice, body language, your smile and your facial expressions, work on your words and learn phrases, jokes, statements that will help you carry the evening, watch as many talents as you can, in stand up, TV shows, talk shows and other Emcees, learn from everyone, and be ready to receive criticism, discouraging words and even worse stuff, try to fight your negative self-talk and keep going. Stay healthy and remember to appreciate your journey with all its good and bad times.

Don’t sacrifice a lot of your family and friends' time, keep yourself in check.

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