Maria Menounos revealed her tumour doubled in size due to doctors'... indifference

Maria Menounos

Maria Menounos gave an interview and spoke about how doctors missed her tumour before she was diagnosed with stage-two pancreatic cancer while she was preparing to welcome her first child with her husband, Keven Undergaro.

Speaking on the "Not Skinny But Not Fat" podcast, she explained that her tumour had grown significantly since her first examination in November.

"When they found the tumour in the MRI, they said, 'Can we go back and get the records and look at the November scan? I bet it was there,'" the Greek-American said. "And it was."

"At that point it was two centimetres (0.79 inches), and by the time they had found it was almost four centimetres (1.5 inches), it had doubled in size in two months," she continued.

Maria Menounos

"What I've learned since is... different scans have the ability to see different things better," she said. "For this, an MRI was what's really going to see it, for other things CAT scans are better, for others things an ultrasound's better. It's a really complicated process..."

Menounos added: "So the radiologist went back and he was able to see it and do an addendum and say, 'Yes, now with the knowledge it was there, we're able to see it is there.'"

Leading up to her diagnosis, the 45-year-old, who is expecting her first child via surrogate with husband Keven Undergaro this summer, said she had chronic abdominal pain.

Maria Menounos

"I had severe diarrhea for a month and a half. I did all the stool tests, they came back negative, nothing was bad. I went and got a CAT scan, they said, 'You're fine,'" Menounos said.

"But my pain kept persisting, and any time I complained about the pain, my doctor was like, 'We've done all the tests.'"

Earlier this year, Menounos revealed more details about her cancer battle.

After her doctors confirmed that the mass was a cause for concern, Menounos recalled she hadn't really had a chance to process the news until the following day.

"I remember waking up the next morning and I hadn't really cried, but I just started guttural crying because I'm like: 'How could God finally bless me with a baby after 10 years, and now I'm not going to get to meet her?'" she told Today in an emotional interview back in May.

"And so Keven's devastated, I'm devastated, we can't tell anybody. I can't tell my dad, how much more can that man take?"

Menounos added: "The more I thought about it, I was like, this doesn't make sense, this doesn't make sense. And then I realised, it doesn't make sense, and that's when I shifted and said, 'I don't know anything, so why am I going to predict the worst? Why am I going to be thinking the worst?'"

She previously told PEOPLE that the health scare made her fall into despair and she initially feared she wouldn't live long enough to meet her baby daughter.

'When you are met with a [potential] death sentence everything changes,' Menounos explained.

Undergaro helped the Heal Squad podcast host get through another major health battle in 2017 after doctors discovered a benign brain tumor that was later removed.

But this go around, she admitted that both of them were 'really scared' about the outcome while they were just months away from welcoming a baby girl.

Menounos's own mother Litsa battled stage-four brain cancer in 2016 before she died in May 2021 aged 66.

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