'Ringleader' of human trafficking gang behind tragic Greece, Libya shipwrecks arrested


ISLAMABAD: The human trafficking wing of the Federal Investigating Agency in Pakistan (FIA) Human Trafficking Wing in Gujrat has arrested the ringleader of the Greece boat tragedy, The News reported Monday.

The accused, Muhammad Saleem Sanyara, is the brother of Asif Sanyara, the main suspect in the boat accident.

The accused collected millions of rupees to transport many Pakistanis illegally to Europe and other countries. He used to send money to his brother, Asif, through hundi/hawala.

Nine cases were registered against the accused by the FIA Gujarat Circle.

According to an FIA spokesperson, the accused went into hiding after the boat accident and was arrested using the latest technology.

Asif Sanyara, currently in Libya, has built many safe houses there. Further investigation of the accused continues.

Greece ship tragedy

At least 350 Pakistanis were on an overloaded boat that capsized and sank in open seas off Greece last month.

The fishing boat with a capacity of 400 people had over 700 people on board when it sank on June 14, out of which 281 Pakistani families had contacted the government to seek help.

Hundreds of people from countries including Egypt, Syria and Pakistan were crammed on the 20- to 30-metre-long (65- to 100-foot) fishing boat when it sank about 50 miles (80 km) from the southern Greek town of Pylos.

Pakistan's economic meltdown in recent months has spurred more people to risk their lives to reach Europe in search of a better future.

The authorities have arrested several human traffickers and their agents who told authorities that their ring leader was based in Libya.

These human smugglers had charged around $8,000 a person to take them to Europe illegally through the sea route after flying legally to Dubai, Egypt and Libya, they said.

A high level inquiry has been ordered by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif to identify and arrest those involved in human smuggling, while the government is also working to amendment the law to plug loopholes and ensure conviction in such cases.

According to officials, not a single human trafficker has been convicted for over five years, mostly due to victims' families agreeing pardons in exchange for money. 

Passenger offloaded

Meanwhile, FIA Immigration offloaded a passenger from flight number PK 783 at the Karachi Airport for going to Canada on a fake visit visa.

According to the initial investigation, the passenger got the said visa by transferring Rs2,000,000 to the agents.

The FIA also arrested agents Fayaz Hussain and Salik Sharif after the passenger identified them.

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