Cuban trans woman murdered in Athens - Her landlady found her

cuban trans murdered in Athens July 2023

The motive behind the murder of a Cuban transsexual, who was found brutally stabbed in her apartment in an Athens neighbourhood on Monday afternoon, is being investigated by police.

The body of the 46-year-old transgender woman was found in a pool of blood in a ground-floor apartment in the area of ​​Agios Panteleimon on Phylis and Magnisias Street. A sharp object was the murder weapon.

People who knew the 46-year-old speak of a troubled woman who came from Cuba to Greece four years ago for a better life. Ever since the news of her death broke, her friends have posted about her death on social media.

The landlady was the one who came face to face with the horrific sight as she went to collect the rent and saw the 46-year-old woman murdered.

The trans activist Anna Kouroupou, with her post on Facebook, said goodbye with the following moving words:

“I'm numb. About 4 years ago she came to Athens from Cuba.
Hunted by gods and demons. Very difficult life.
She heard about Red Umbrella Athens somewhere, searched and found us.
What a sweet look she had, despite all the brutality in her life!
She said she liked to dance.
I took her to Marilou Fragiadaki, in 'Dolls'.
She did like to dance.
The club became her life.
It was glowing now.
She crawled from the edge of the world, to find happiness in a small scene.
To feel free.
Today she was found murdered in the apartment she was renting...
As if happiness could not fit in this person.
Another trans person dead. In a very long list.
I don't know yet if the motive was discriminatory - we don't know any circumstances yet.
I am convinced, however, that this monster, which exists everywhere around us, makes zero effort, with fierce loathing, to leave a life in its midst.
A victim like Ivanka is so vulnerable.
May you find the most beautiful heaven my soul.
And to dance..."

Another woman writes:

"Transgender, woman, friend came from Cuba for a better life. I will never forget when I spoke Spanish to you after the show at the end and we were drinking and you hugged me! It was as if you felt you were back in your homeland. You were found dead, butchered in Agios Panteleimonas. I can't hold back my tears even though we only met twice. What an unfair and inhumane end, poor person.

PS: Have you ever been murdered for being straight or cis people? Because you wonder why there are pride, flags, and organisations. FOR THIS!

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