How many Porsches have been sold this year in Greece?


Greeks have a special weakness for the German brand Porsche, and this is reflected in the sales...

The sales of new cars show a significant increase this year, compared to the corresponding period last year.

A total of 56,955 cars have been registered for the first five months.


The second-hand car market is also doing quite well, with sales exceeding 32,000 units in January-May. What is being observed is the rise of expensive models and vehicles that, in recent years, had... disappeared from Greek roads.

One of the brands that have a fanatical following and maintains high sales in both new and used models, given the prices, is Porsche. After all, who wouldn't want to be behind the wheel of the German brand whose flag is its sporty features and all-time classic design?

How many in total?

According to official data, from the beginning of the year until the end of May, 95 new Porsches were registered, a particularly high figure for the time.


However, those who couldn't afford a new Porsche made up for it by buying a used one. 187 used Porsches have already changed hands since the beginning of the year.

A total of 282 Porsches have been sold and certainly by the end of the year this number will have exceeded 500 units.

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