Maneskin: Damiano David is a fan of Nikos Vertis

Damiano David, Maneskin, Nikos Vertis

Even if the type of music he serves has nothing to do with Greek folk songs, rocker Damiano David seems to listen to them all. At least this is shown by his latest social media post.

The 24-year-old Eurovision winner with Maneskin uploaded a story on his Instagram to his 5.2 million followers than the ones he's usually known for.

The frontman of the Italian band published a hit by Nikos Vertis, " An eisai ena asteri" (If you are a star).

In the post's description, David put an emoji with the Greek flag and next to it a red heart.

See screenshot from the story:

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The specific song of Nikos Vertis seems to erase an "international" career, since David is not the only one who shared it with his audience.

On June 20, Turkish actress Eda Ece and Galatasaray basketball player Buğrahan Tuncer joined the holy bonds of matrimony and chose "If You Are a Star" for their first dance.

In the video she uploaded on social media, she can be seen singing every verse of the song to her lover, looking into his eyes. He melts looking at her and tries to sing to her in Greek.

Watch the video:

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