Athens-based Grace Management plans to equip five tankers with SpaceX Starlink hardware

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Athens-based shipping company, Grace Management, has recently embarked on a significant endeavor to enhance connectivity across its sea-going tanker fleet. Partnering with Greek communications services provider Navarino, Grace Management started the implementation of Starlink, the revolutionary satellite internet service developed by SpaceX. Navarino is an authorized Starlink integrator in the country.

With a fleet consisting of five tankers, Grace Management has recognized the need for improved connectivity options for its crews, as well as seamless data transfers for operational purposes. The decision to equip the tankers with Starlink's cutting-edge technology aims to address these requirements and propel the company into a new era of efficient and reliable connectivity.

SpaceX’s fleet of thousands of Starlink satellites in Low Earth Orbit work in unison to create a global network capable of delivering high-speed internet access to even the most remote locations on Earth. By leveraging this innovative service, Grace Management's tanker fleet will now have access to robust and uninterrupted internet connectivity, overcoming the limitations imposed by traditional communication methods.

“The decision to adopt this cutting-edge technology demonstrates Grace Management’s commitment to enhancing operational efficiency and crew welfare,” stated Alvertos Maragkos, ICT Manager at Grace Management. “By embracing this advanced technology, we are displaying our commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation and leveraging cutting-edge solutions to enhance our operations. Technology is here to serve us, and we are here to hand it over to our crew members.”

“Now they can connect with their families and friends through high-quality video calls, messaging apps, and social media platforms, alleviating the sense of isolation and bridging the gap between life at sea and onshore,” they told Smart Maritime Network.

“I am very happy to see another successful implementation of Navarino’s services onto the fleet of Grace Management. With Mr Maragkos we share a common view of how the hybrid vessel of the future is going to use various different technologies, and we worked closely together to bring this advanced setup to their fleet,” stated Konstantinos Dimitriadis, Account Manager, Navarino. “Now the Grace Management crews can enjoy uninterrupted, fast and reliable connectivity for both operational and personal usage.”

The implementation of Starlink will revolutionize the efficiency of operational data transfers within the tanker fleet. Starlink will enable real-time transmission of vital information, such as navigational data, weather updates, and cargo-related details, will enable faster decision-making and enhance the fleet's overall operational capabilities. The improved data exchange will facilitate better coordination between the tankers and onshore teams, thereby streamlining logistical processes and maximizing productivity.

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