4 tips to always choose the right watermelon to accompany your feta

watermelon feta salad

Watermelon is undoubtedly the perfect summer fruit. In fact, unlike other fruits, watermelon seeds are safe, edible and rich in nutrients. Consisting only of water and sugar, it is a highly nutritious food, high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and has far fewer calories than many mistakenly believe.

If every time you find yourself in front of a bunch of watermelons at the grocery store and you don't know which one to choose, we have five tricks to choose the juiciest and tastiest watermelons.

The tricks that will determine his selection

  1. Pay attention to its size: Choose a medium-sized watermelon, not the biggest or the smallest. Size matters a lot when you're looking for the tastiest watermelon. Most important of all, of course, is that it feels heavier than it appears for your size.
  2. Hit it, as if giving it a small "slap": Hit the belly of the watermelon with your palm. If it is ripe it should make a deep sound. This determines whether it is really good.
  3. Look closely at the yellow part of it. In "grown" watermelons this spot has a "creamy yellow" colour or even "orange yellow" spots.In contrast, more "unripe" watermelons have a whiter colouration at this point. In fact, from the peel you will understand how many times the bees touched the plant. The more marks it has, the more times it was pollinated, so that watermelon will be sweeter.
  4. Find out its "sex". You may not know it but growers differentiate watermelons according to their "sex". For example, "males" are larger, have a more elongated shape and are juicier. The "female" have a more rounded shape and are sweeter in taste.

Oh, and don't forget to cut some feta to eat with your watermelon!

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