Athens Masonic Lodge targeted in bomb attack – “F### your freemasonry,” shouted the perpetrators (VIDEO)

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An explosive device exploded outside the Athens Masonic Lodge in Acharnon, without causing injury, while the bomb squad defused a second bomb on Thursday morning.

Unidentified individuals at 6:30 a.m. called 112 and warned of a bomb at the site, without giving details about when it would explode. Emergency services and a team from the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Department (EOD) rushed to the scene.

See the video from Proto Thema:

Just as the police arrived, the improvised device exploded, fortunately without injury. A woman claims to have seen the attacker, who did not have his facial features covered.

“I saw him let go of the explosive device, running towards Acharnon and shouting f### your freemasonry, f### your freemasonry,” the eyewitness claims.

The explosion that occurred was of low power. A few hours later, the police bomb squad found a second improvised explosive device and immediately defused it.

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