Thessaloniki: Pakistani detained four Somalian women, blackmailed them

greek police Pakistani Chios

Greek police charged a 23-year-old Pakistani in Thessaloniki with criminal organisation, illegal transport of immigrants, kidnapping, and extortion, reported Eleftheros Typos.

His arrest was preceded by a complaint by four Somalian women, according to which, after illegally entering Greece from Turkey, the aforementioned women were then taken to an apartment where the arrested, together with another accomplice, held the women against their will and extorted them.

The criminals used physical violence to get more money from what was originally agreed upon to transport them into Greece.

After a coordinated operation, the police, after locating the apartment in question in the wider area of ​​Kallithea in Greece's second city, arrested the 23-year-old. The arrested person was taken to a prosecutor.

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