BARD AI: Google's answer to ChatGPT is now available in Greece

Google AI

Bard AI is the answer that Google was preparing to Chat GPT and now the application is also available in Greece.

Specifically, the artificial intelligence tool is available in 50 countries, including the 27 European Union member states. In fact, not only is it available in our country, but it is also fully functional in Greek.

“Today we’re announcing Bard’s biggest expansion to date. It’s now available in most of the world, and in the most widely spoken languages. And we’re launching new features to help you better customize your experience, boost your creativity and get more done," said Google Program Director Jack Krawczyk.

So from today, Bard also speaks Greek.

"As we improve Bard, we will continue to share updates on our progress. We anticipate this will be an incredible learning experience — both in identifying where Bard is useful and helpful, and where we need to continue to iterate and make it better. We are actively adding to Bard’s capabilities, and through ongoing research, testing and user feedback, we’ll continue to improve Bard together," added Krawczyk.

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