Plathiena: The AMAZING beach of Milos with its white sand and crystal clear waters

Plathiena Milos

As one of the Cyclades' most beautiful and unique islands, Milos has many corners of special natural beauty, which more and more travellers have discovered in recent years - both Greeks and visitors from foreign countries.

But the northern part of the island, for better or worse, has been almost identified with the otherworldly landscape of Sarakinikos: this beach, after all, leaves everyone (rightly) impressed with its white volcanic rocks, stripped of all vegetation, as well as with the caves that erosion has carved out along the coast.

Plathiena Milos

It is no coincidence that it has emerged as a leading tourist destination for Milos and the Cyclades in general.

The northern part of the island, however, has other beauties beyond Sarakiniko. Here, after all, is the capital of Milos, while another dreamy beach can be found very close to it: Plathiena, with its characteristic white sand, which unfolds in a picturesque bay with crystal clear waters.

Plathiena Milos

As we said, the beach with the special, Milotian toponym Plathana is located in the northern part of Milos, in its western part - not the one where Sarakiniko is located, but opposite it, which is not so touristically developed. However, it is very close to Plaka, the capital of the island.

Plathiena unfolds within a bay surrounded by rocks, which act as natural protections against the winds, keeping the waters calm. Relatively calm, after all, because the truth is that, if the north winds blow, the area gets waves, which makes swimming quite difficult.

Plathiena Milos

The beach immediately impresses the eye with its dreamy color combinations, as the fine sand has a characteristic white color (or platinum, in some places), which creates a seductive contrast with the turquoise of the sea.

The waters here are shallow (they deepen afterwards, but smoothly), which makes Plathiena also suitable for families with small children.

Out in the open, also beyond the limits of the bay, you can clearly distinguish the uninhabited rock islands that the locals know as "Akradies", "Akradia" or "Akrathies" - these are Akrathi and Mikri Akradia.

Plathiena Milos

Another thing worth doing when you get to Plathiena, according to regular beachgoers, is to make sure you stay until late afternoon to admire the sunset.

It is considered one of the most beautiful of Milos, with the orange of the sun's rays adding another color dimension to the whole colour charm that the landscape emits.

On the coast there is no special vegetation, apart from some tamarisks, which offer their natural shade. Coming here, you will see that part of the beach is organised, providing umbrellas and sunbeds.

Plathiena Milos

If you like to holiday unorganised, however, you'll also find plenty of space to rummage around with your own gear.

In any case, however, you don't have to worry about cold water or something to eat, since the beach bar Plathiena Foodies Beach Bar "Sunrise to Sunset" is open every day during the summer season (from 9 am to 9 pm).

Here you will find good coffee, internet access, but also cuisine inspired by local tradition, based on quality raw materials of local origin. The bar also makes cocktails.

How will you get to Plathiena?

As said above, Plathiena is very close to the capital Plaka of Milos, from which it is less than three kilometres away. From 2022, in fact, the Municipality of Milos has ensured that it can be visited by people with disabilities.

Access is via a narrow, winding road, which you will pass quite easily if you come here by car – it will take you around 5 minutes, passing by the beautiful little church that the residents of Plaka know as Panagia tou Lamaris.

Some also choose to come to Plathiena by sea, either with their own boat or with one of the island's water taxis.

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