Horrific injuries suffered by British teen in Greek nightclub attack shown

The bouncers repeatedly punched and kicked James 4854689

The horrific extent of the injuries suffered by a British teenager who was assaulted by four bouncers in a Greek nightclub has been revealed in shocking photos.

Viral footage captured the brutal attack, in which 18-year-old James Taylor, from Middlesborough, was held in a headlock and repeatedly beaten at the Cherry Bay nightclub in Laganas, on the party island of Zante, on July 4.

The bouncers brutally laid into James during the assault 4854685
Horrific injuries suffered by British teen in Greek nightclub attack shown 1

James has now revealed that he suffered two black eyes, a swollen jaw, bumps on his head, a bust lip and a cut on his knee following the attack and shared photographs of his injuries.

He told MailOnline that the attack was launched after he stood on top of a chair to take a selfie with friends, before dancing there for ten seconds.

A bouncer tried to pull James back from the chair but he resisted, prompting the bouncer to leave and then return with his colleagues - who proceeded to take the teenager outside and beat him up.

"That's all it took, something as little as standing on a chair," said James, whose horrifying injuries can be seen in the photos.

His mother Michelle Taylor, 55, told the outlet she was "devastated" after the attack and said she "wanted to get the message out there that this is unacceptable and this is happening to our children."

She added: "I'm a mother and every mother will feel this if this happens to their son when they go on holiday to Zante.

"You shouldn't have to worry about whether they could get beaten up by bouncers."

She said James called her in the early hours of Wednesday, asking if he had health insurance.

The horrified mum said she had wanted to "get on a plane and get over there" to "take him home" - but James had insisted on staying, as he didn't want to let the bouncers "spoil his holiday."

Ms Taylor said she had avoided watching the video because it was "too traumatising", adding her son was a "lovely lad" and "not an aggressive person".

At one stage in the clip, James, who has a bloodied face, appears to free himself from the clutches of his barbarous attackers before one of them lands a brutal blow to his face.

The force of the punch saw the Brit’s head rock back and slam against the wall behind him before he is thrown to the floor by one of the bouncers and booted in the face by another.

The dishevelled Brit is thankfully led out of the room by his friends and the terror appears to end.

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