The new E65 motorway to Athens

E65 motorway

Projects in progress, including the E65 motorway, were visited by the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Christos Staikouras.

News Auto reported that the first visit was to the southern section of the E65 motorway. As the Minister said, this is a project of major national importance, specifically for strengthening regional development and stimulating social cohesion.

"It is confirmed - as I mentioned in Parliament - that the E65 project will be completed by the end of the four years. The Lamia – Xyniada section will be delivered by the beginning of 2024," said the Minister, who visited the entire project length from the Karpenisi Junction to Kalambaka.

"Already, this section is at 94% of completion. We are building a Greece that connects and unites, that neither excludes nor isolates," he added.

The Southern Section of E65 has a total length of 32.5 km.

As for the northern section of the E65, it has a total length of 70.5 km and its construction started in August 2021. It is estimated that its construction work will be completed in 2027 and more than a thousand workers will be employed in this project, contributing about 0.5% of the country's GDP.

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