Sexy Greek beekeeper covered in thousands of bees on his body and goes viral: "The secret is..." (VIDEO)

beekeeper, Haris Stamatis

Haris Stamatis is a beekeeper in Agrinio, and the videos he uploads on TikTok and YouTube are making waves. In them, he shows how he takes care of the bees and the relationship he has developed with them.

Under the name "Oreini Melissa" (Mountain Bee), he shares educational content; in others, he shows his daily life or vacations on social media.


i am a professional beekeeper raised as a kid with bees🐝 Do not attempt #savethebees #orinimelissa

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The 28-year-old beekeeper has over 662,000 followers on social media. In the last two videos he uploaded, he shows the relationship he has acquired with bees.

Thousands of bees have covered the TikToker's face and body, but none sting him. He himself explains the reason.

"Everyone has asked me how I avoid 6,000 bees. And the answer is this," he says and shakes, causing the bees to move away from him. He then says that the secret lies with the queen and that they never sting for no reason.


Μεγάλωσα με τις μέλισσες και μπορώ να πω ότι είναι τα πιο ευγενικά έντομα στο κόσμο #savethebees #μαθεστοtiktok #orinimelissa

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