Fire in Dervenohoria: Impressive video of Canadair and Chinook in action


The fire brigades are making superhuman efforts to limit the fire fronts that are raging across Greece, especially in western Attica, Loutraki and Rhodes.

A decisive role in extinguishing fires is played by aerial vehicles that operate from the first light of day until sunset.

In fact, a video was made public where the efforts of the operators of the Canadair aircraft and the Chinook helicopter where they tried to put out the fire in Dervenochoria were recorded.

Watch the video:

The fire that broke out in Dervenochoria, north of Elefsina on Monday and is spreading further into western Attica has several active fronts, said the Fire Brigade's spokesperson Lt. Colonel Yiannis Artopios during a special briefing on Wednesday evening.

These fronts lie at the outskirts of the Stefani settlement, east of the original fire at Dervenochoria; in the west, on the outskirts of the areas of Panakto, Pournari and Panorama (north of the original fire); and south (of the original fire), near Gorgoepikoos and Vlixada. Heavy firefighing forces are operating in the area, he added.

Nine water bombers and 12 helicopters are operating in western Attica and the broader area southeast of Loutraki, in Corinthia, Artopios noted. Of the helicopters, one is directing operations while 2 each have been contributed by France and Italy.

In addition, a Fire Brigade vessel is patrolling the coastline off the town of Agioi Theodoroi, west of the Megara Gulf.

In other areas, strong firefighting forces are battling the wildfire in central Rhodes, which is burning its way through the island's main forest system, he noted. A total of 5 airplanes and 4 helicopters are assisting firefighters.

At Lefkochoma, in Lakonia prefecture (SE Peloponnese), six airplanes and one helicopter are also assisting in firefighting efforts.

The Fire Brigade spokesman noted that thousands of people have been evacuated via the emergency number 112 since Monday, when most of the fires first broke out. In the last 24 hours, he added, a total of 66 fires broke out, most of which were dealt with at their start.

Artopios also mentioned three fires that were contained on Wednesday: at Ptelea, in the municipality of Paranesti in Drama (northern Greece), where 20 firefighters with 10 fire engines are operating (helped earlier by 2 airplanes)/

At Asopia in Boeotia, north of Attica, where 20 firefighters and 10 fire engines are operating (1 helicopter); at Yiamia in Messinia, southwest Peloponnese, where 14 firefighters and 7 fire engines are operating (2 airplanes).

Overall, 29 people have so far been transferred to hospitals by the Emergency Response Ambulance Service (EKAV) from the broader areas of Saronida (SE Attica), Loutraki (Corinthia) and Dervenochoria, Magoula and Mandra (north of Eleusis); among those were 1 police officer and 3 firefighters.

Artopios said that another 23 firefighters were transferred to hospital with pulmonary issues from the Stefani area to the Thriassio General Hospital of Elefsina, and another 3 suffered light injuries and burns.

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