Scott Morrison’s European getaway: Former Australian PM enjoys family holiday in Greece


The EX Prime Minister has been sightseeing and relaxing in Italy and Greece. He has been spotted by Australian tourists in various places, such as Florence, Rome and the Italian coast.

In one photograph obtained by, Mr Morrison is seen with his family on a ferry from Sifnos to Athens. He is carrying his own luggage and wearing airpods in his ears. The ferry ride costs $100 per seat and takes three hours.

Speculation was rife earlier this year that Mr Morrison was considering retiring from federal politics by the end of the year and may soon retire for an overseas consulting job.

In an interview in March, Mr Morrison said his new role as a backbencher was “liberating”.

“[It’s] quite liberating, I had the great privilege of serving in high offices – not just as the prime minister -for almost a decade,“ he said.

“I can tell you it’s a demanding job, one I love doing but also one that was quite exhausting over that length of time.”

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  1. Scott Morrison is the DISGRACED EXPM of Australia. He oversaw an extortion illegal racket that saw vulnerable people bullied for thousands of dollars and in some cases who suicided. He over saw the torturous treatment of refugees, who income cases also suicided. He lied to the French about a submarine deal and he paid friends millions of taxpayer money. He took on 5 ministries secretly trashing our constitution . He went on holidays to Hawaii when Australia burnt and thousands of people lost their homes and 2 billion animals were killed, offering no help and refusing help from overseas.
    He is a shameful chapter of Australia’s history. A man of no integrity, no ethics, a liar , a cheater having smeared a candidate to get his preselection for Cook his electorate. He deserves no praise and in fact the majority of Australians hope he never returns and even now as a final report has been released on his conduct during the extortion debt he oversaw- he is running around Europe.
    The man is an embarrassment , a black mark on Australia. Please do not associate him with our country.

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