AHI calls for an end to Turkish occupation of Cyprus on invasion anniversary

Cyprus Flag backdrop

The American Hellenic Institute released a statement on Thursday to mark the 49th anniversary of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus and called for an end to the occupation.

AHI condemned proposals of a “two-state solution” for the island as well as Turkey’s reopening of the beach at Varosha.

“Erdogan’s position contravenes the positions of the United Nations and the U.S. government. The United States must condemn Erdogan’s support for illegally re-opening the beach in Varosha and overt promotion of irredentist policies”, it said.

“AHI calls for the immediate removal of all Turkish troops from the Republic of Cyprus. With their presence, Turkey continues to disregard U.S. law when it transfers American-made weapons from mainland Turkey to Turkish-occupied Cyprus,” continued the statement, adding that “Congress must put a stop to this irresponsible transfer of weapons to prevent the potential undermining of its intent and authority.”

“The United States government must send a strong message to President Erdogan that Turkish troops and settlers must be removed from Cyprus,” it noted, while stating that “in addition, The Treaty of Guarantee, which would allow for future Turkish military invasions and occupations of Cyprus, must be abandoned.”

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