'Death trap' for parked cars in Greece - Temperatures 179°C on the roof and 50°C inside

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A parked car in the middle of a heatwave can turn into a "death trap", as shown by a video co-produced by Up Stories with METEO showing the danger of people or animals remaining inside a closed car with the engine off.

With the help of a drone equipped with a thermal camera and a thermometer, an experiment was done on the temperatures that develop inside cars these days, which, as it turned out, exceeded 179 degrees Celsius on the roof and 50 degrees Celsius inside.

The experiment was done on Wednesday, July 20, at 1:45 p.m., not in extreme heat. The experiment team placed a thermometer inside the parked car with the engine off and closed the windows for 15 minutes.

The temperature at the initial measurement was 38 degrees Celsius. At the same time, he started measuring the temperature of the car's roof.

At five minutes, the temperature on the roof of the car showed 77.3 degrees. It should be noted that the car used had tinted windows, which improves the result.

Continuously, the drone's thermal camera detected the temperature rising rapidly.

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As soon as the experiment was completed, at 15:38 minutes, the temperature on the roof of the car reached up to 179.6 degrees Celsius. At the same time, inside, the thermometer reached 50 degrees , which was the maximum it could reach, which means that the temperature was much higher.

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