Murder in Thessaloniki: 29-year-old attacker wrote "paedophile" on a wall with the victim's blood

thessaloniki crime murder

Images reminiscent of a Hollywood horror film were described by the 29-year-old who surrendered and was arrested by police for the brutal murder of the 64-year-old man in Thessaloniki.

This morning, the 29-year-old appeared before the police and told them he had murdered a man in an apartment in Menemeni.

At first, the police were concerned. But soon, their concern disappeared, and the feeling of terror took its place, as the descriptions of the perpetrator were more than shocking.

As Proto Thema reported, the 29-year-old told the police that he initially went to the victim's house to do some work for a fee. Then, while he was in the house's bedroom, the 64-year-old attacked him and tried to rape him.

The 29-year-old reacted and began punching the 64-year-old in the face with such fury that he eventually killed him.

He then tied a rope around the victim's neck and, grabbing three knives from the kitchen, stabbed two into the mattress, leaving the third in the man's groin. After soaking it in the victim's blood, he grabbed a sponge and wrote the word "paedophile-1" on the living room pillar.

When the police went to the scene they found the 64-year-old in the bedroom in a pool of blood. The man was naked and had multiple head injuries.

At the same time, they found the three knives, which were confiscated.

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