Jet2 deploying extra aircraft to repatriate British tourists from Rhodes


British travel company Jet2 has announced it will operate four extra flights this evening to bring more people back to the UK following the devastating fires in Rhodes.

The company said flights repatriating travellers to Manchester, Leeds-Bradford, and Birmingham airports would carry around 800 people forced to leave their hotels due to the fires. The airline added that more of the company's staff will go to the island to help its customers.

According to a UK government official, around 7,000-10,000 Britons are currently on the Greek island, and like Jet2, TUI and easyJet both provide additional services.

easyJet said it would have two flights scheduled repatriating tourists today and another one tomorrow Tuesday, in addition to its usual schedule of departures, and will monitor the situation if it needs to add more.

TUI also announced that it operated three flights last night to repatriate tourists from the scorched Dodecanese island.

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