Turkey Assures Further Aid to Greece as Wildfires Ravage the Country

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Turkey has offered further assistance to Greece as it battles devastating wildfires. The consul general in Rhodes has informed Greek authorities that Turkey is ready to provide additional support in firefighting efforts.

Currently, two Turkish firefighting planes and one helicopter, along with a crew of nine people, are already in Greece to help extinguish forest fires.

The Turkish crew is currently stationed on the island of Rhodes, where extreme weather conditions, including high temperatures and strong winds, have led to the entire island being declared in a state of emergency.

Turkey has formally expressed its readiness to assist Greece whenever additional help is required.

The wildfires in Greece have led to the largest evacuation in the country's history, according to the Greek Ministry of Climate Change and Civil Protection. Turkish citizens on the island have been successfully evacuated, and Turkey has offered its airports for the landing of evacuation planes from Greece.

Turkish maritime companies that regularly operate between Rhodes and Marmaris and Fethiye have also increased the number of trips to facilitate transportation between the two countries.

Greece has been experiencing a prolonged period of extreme heat, intensifying the risk of wildfires and leaving tourists stranded during the peak tourist season. Fire crews have been battling the flames for about a week, and on the island of Rhodes, firefighters have been using aircraft to try to extinguish the fires.

The most serious fire has occurred on Rhodes, leading to the evacuation of approximately 30,000 people. Many have sought shelter in gyms, schools, and hotel conference centers, while others have had to use their own transportation to flee the affected areas. The situation remains challenging, with firefighters working tirelessly to contain the multiple blazes across Greece.


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