Fires: Battle to keep the flames from Vati village in Rhodes - Loutses in Corfu was evacuated (VIDEOS)


An emergency 112 message to evacuate Loutses in Corfu was sent to the residents, with the fire brigade and volunteers fighting the flames.

The message states: "If you are in the Loutses area, evacuate now to Acharavi. Forest fire in your area. Follow the authorities' instructions."

The fire is burning uncontrollably at the scene. Sixty-two firefighters divided into three groups with 21 vehicles, four aircraft and a helicopter operating on the spot.

A second resurgence is burning in an inaccessible area between Old Perithia and the village of Lavki.

According to the mayor of the north, G. Mahimaris, the fire is near the first houses at the highest point, however, both the fire brigade and the aerial vehicles are constantly throwing water so that the fire does not get closer.

In the meantime, two Coast Guard boats are on immediate standby at Acharavis Beach to assist if required.

The mayor of northern Corfu told Proto Thema about an organised arson plan. Mayor Giorgos Machimaris confirmed additional aerial assistance had been requested as the strong winds are carrying the fiery front that has rekindled from the Pantokrator are ever closer to the village of Louches.

"We need more help. Yesterday, three planes and three helicopters were flying, and today one helicopter and two planes. The pilots are trying to save us at the risk of their lives because there is smoke that makes their work difficult," says the mayor of northern Corfu and adds:

"We are evacuating Loutses. We have started and are moving people away from homes near the front of the fire. The fire department, Civil Protection and our municipality are doing everything to save the village, which is in danger. Everyone is heading towards Acharavi where there are spaces to welcome the people".

Behind the Corfu fire that broke out yesterday in the northern part of the island, the mayor sees arson:

"An organised plan of arson has started since yesterday with the simultaneous six different outbreaks and four new ones in the morning. We are talking about fires that are not close to each other, so you can say that the wind or the pine trees carried it. They are foci at a distance of 5 and 10 kilometers. Some want to burn us alive. I was born here and I know the place inside out . "

If the fire is not contained immediately, then other settlements will be at risk:

"The villages are scattered here. We have 38 communities, the municipality of northern Corfu with 120 settlements. In the part that is now burning, we have 30 settlements. Large wooded areas are burning in Pantokrator, Ritson, Ano Perisia, Kassiopi, Lefki. We are asking for more help at this time."

Great resurgence in Vati of Rhodes

On the Rhodes front , since 10 am the firefighters are faced with a large resurgence near the Vati area .

The strong forces of the fire brigade, the volunteers, the residents of the area and especially the young people, are fighting bravely at this time to keep the fire from entering the village of Vati. The firefighters, together with earthmoving tools, made an opening - cleaning the dry river bed southwest of the front from Vati to Gennadi.

Shortly after 12:30 p.m., the fire spread and passed over the forces to the south. Firefighters on alert intervened immediately and prevented the spread of the fire to the south, completely extinguishing the new focus.

Also, intense flare-ups are recorded on the second front towards the village of Gennadi, which has also mobilised strong firefighting forces from the air and the ground.

The third front towards Malona - Massari is also problematic and considered dangerous, and for this reason, emergency reinforcements were requested a while ago.

Watch videos from Vati of Rhodes.

According to what has become known, 266 firefighters, 16 groups of pedestrian departments, and 55 vehicles are operating in Rhodes. Two aircraft and two helicopters are assisting from the air. The firefighting forces are expected to be reinforced with 16 more firefighters and 8 vehicles, which will arrive on the island at 10am on the Blue Star to add to the existing forces.

"We are fighting to prevent the fire from reaching Gennadi," a volunteer participating in the firefighting effort told earlier.

Today is also expected to be a particularly difficult day for Rhodes, since according to the Fire Risk Prediction Map issued by the General Secretariat of Civil Protection, the island is alert 5.

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