Hellenic Club of Canberra's $146 Million Redevelopment in Woden: A Vibrant Oasis of Office Space, Hotels, and Rooftop Infinity Pool


The Hellenic Club of Canberra has received the green light for its $146 million redevelopment project in Woden.

The expansive development plan includes a 16-storey office building, a 151-room hotel with restaurants, and an infinity pool on the rooftop. In addition, the Hellenic Precinct redevelopment will introduce an enclosed "Agora," serving as a gathering place, as well as two levels of commercial space that will house restaurants, shops, a bar, gym, and day spa.

The Woden site will also feature a new auditorium, multicultural facilities, and an underground parking area with four levels.

The club's development applications have recently been approved by the ACT's Environment, Planning, and Sustainable Development Directorate. By pursuing this venture, the Hellenic Club aims to diversify its offerings and reduce its reliance on poker machines while simultaneously ensuring its future sustainability.

Andrew Satsias, the Hellenic Club Board president, emphasized the development's focus on non-residential purposes and the inclusion of various commercial anchors to attract both local and international visitors.

Construction is scheduled to commence next year, with the development being carried out in three stages. The initial stage will involve the construction of a multi-level basement car park, slated to begin in early 2024.

The Hellenic Club, initially established to cater to the ACT's Greek community, has grown significantly over the past 40 years and currently boasts more than 50,000 members. Despite the positive reception to the redevelopment, Fiona Carrick, President of the Woden Valley Community Council, expressed her hopes for community-oriented facilities like an aquatic center to receive funding. Stressing the significance of community clubs and their role in benefiting the broader community, she noted the loss of several amenities in the Woden town center, including a basketball stadium, a pool and ice-skating site acquired by Geocon, a pitch and putt facility, bowling greens, tennis courts, and a former bowling alley. Carrick called for comprehensive planning that reintroduces social and recreational facilities in Woden, particularly given its status as the central hub in Canberra's southern region, coupled with the multitude of lost amenities that necessitate funding for the community's mental and physical well-being.