Matt Damon and Luciana Bozan Barroso enjoy Mykonos

Matt Damon, Mykonos 2023

Matt Damon vacationed in Mykonos with his family. In the photos released, we see them having fun in the villa they stayed with the Hemsworth brothers, but also on the beaches of the island.

Snapshots, in fact, show the actor with his wife in tender embraces. Luciana Bozan Barroso wears a pink bikini as Matt Damon hugs her.

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The couple has been married since 2005 and has three daughters. Luciana Bozan Barroso has another daughter from a previous relationship. The 47-year-old is engaged in furniture design, while she comes from Argentina.

Recently, Matt Damon revealed that he had made a promise to his wife, which he did not keep.

"This is going to sound made up, but it's actually true," Damon reveals in EW's Around the Table with Nolan and costars Cillian Murphy, Emily Blunt, and Robert Downey Jr. "I had — not to get too personal — negotiated extensively with my wife that I was taking time off. I had been in Interstellar, and then Chris put me on ice for a couple of movies, so I wasn't in the rotation, but I actually negotiated in couples therapy ­— this is a true story — the one caveat to my taking time off was if Chris Nolan called. This is without knowing whether or not he was working on anything, because he never tells you. He just calls you out of the blue. And so, it was a moment in my household."

"So, even modern psychology has a caveat…" says Downey in the video, which you can watch above.

"For Chris!" says Damon.

"Just checking," says Downey. "You heard it here first!"

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